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Technology, e-Commerce and Entertainment

Taylor English represents clients with the development and use of technology and e-Commerce in their business. Many issues and opportunities arise for businesses involving technology, whether with the development and distribution of technology solutions, the licensing and use of technology products, or the procurement or outsourcing of IT services. Our attorneys have detailed knowledge of the underlying operational and intellectual property issues involved with such transactions, allowing them to advise clients on structuring advantageous arrangements that comply with federal and state laws.

Distribution and Sales

We represent clients involved with the sale, delivery and service of technology solutions. Our experience with direct sales and channel distribution includes the design and implementation of sales person programs; the drafting and negotiating of distributor, reseller, VAR, System Integrator and other channel agreements, and the preparation of online terms of use and service for ASP, SaaS and other like online only access arrangements. Additionally, our legal experience in this area extends to the consideration and handling of consumer legal concerns, which includes antitrust, pricing, warranty servicing, and the preparation of click-wrap, enterprise, end-user, support and maintenance, training and consulting agreements.


Internet and e-Commerce business is unique. We have attorneys dedicated to representing clients involved with conducting commercial transactions via the Internet. From domain name registration to the launch of online commerce platforms, we advise clients on the development, procurement and implementation of best practice and policies for successful ecommerce. Our experience includes Website and e-Commerce terms of use, data privacy and security policies, Website linking, online advertising and promotional programs, financial transaction processing, and consumer or user communications and blogging.

Entertainment and Multimedia

Multimedia entities and entertainment professionals require legal guidance in intellectual property, financing, corporate structure, tax and economic development incentives, litigation, employment and other specialized areas. Our attorneys have a range of technical, analytical, creative skills that are focused in these areas. They have national and international experience with music, film, sports, publishing and other media that includes representing artists and athletes as well as leading multimedia and entertainment producers and professional sports team organizations.

IT Outsourcing and Solution Hosting

Cloud computing, remote hosting and IT outsourcing are common technology practices that are fraught with legal complexity. From service level commitments to data protection and security, special attention must be given to these sorts of arrangements. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience handling such IT services matters for both providers and users, whether for the obtainment of access to use a particular service or application or for the engagement of a vendor to take over a Client’s entire IT operation.

Product Development

Our attorneys, some of whom have been in-house with leading hardware, software and manufacturing businesses, represent clients with the operational considerations involved with the design and development of hardware, software and other technology. From business formation to outsourcing, joint ventures and cross-licensing, we advise clients on the structural options available for producing and providing solutions, whether domestically or internationally. Such experience includes drafting and negotiating both software development and OEM agreements as well as hardware manufacturing, assembly and warranty service arrangements.


Our attorneys represent clients with the provision and/or procurement of telecommunication and data services. Several in our group have backgrounds that include having been in-house with leading CLEC and telecommunications service businesses. They routinely negotiate service agreements on behalf of clients, including ones for voice and data transmission, conferencing, wireless transmission, and fax and document distribution.