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Intellectual Property

The members of Taylor English’s Intellectual Property practice group advise businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs regarding the development, protection and exploitation of intellectual property assets. In this capacity we assist our clients in identifying, registering and protecting their intellectual property. We also help them to effectively license their technology to others, stop unauthorized third parties from infringing or misappropriating valuable intellectual property rights, and defend against claims of misappropriation and infringement.

At Taylor English, we understand that your intellectual property rights do not exist in a vacuum, but rather are an increasing valuable part of your business. We regularly work with other attorneys in the firm to ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected in a coordinated fashion (such as with labor and employment lawyers to ensure that employment handbooks and other documentation properly account for trade secret protection, or with corporate transactional lawyers to make sure trademark assignments are appropriately drafted and filed with the trademark office).

  • Labeling, registration, protection and licensing of copyrights;
  • Development of copyright registration programs that can be implemented by our attorneys or by company staff; and
  • Negotiation and litigation to enforce copyright rights.
Domain Names
  • Identification of domain names for acquisition;
  • Coordination of domain name acquisition and use with trademark rights and marketing campaigns; and
  • Resolution of domain name disputes through UDRP arbitration proceedings and litigation.
Intellectual Property Litigation

In order to protect and maintain your valuable intellectual property rights, litigation is sometimes the only solution. We have extensive experience in trying intellectual property cases in state and federal courts, and the US International Trade Commission, from patent infringement actions to false advertising claims. We bring a “business” mentality to understanding how the court case or arbitration fits into your overall business goals and objectives.

  • Patent identification programs;
  • Patent licensing programs;
  • Patent preparation and prosecution; and
  • Patent infringement enforcement programs and litigation, including use of the courts, arbitration, and US Customs.
Pre-Publication Review

The Pre-Publication Review group at Taylor English provides focused analysis and advice, often on a fixed-fee basis, to both experienced and first time publishers, authors, and self-publishers to assist in preparing a book for publication. Available services include analysis of content for infringement or defamation concerns, preparation of licenses for content, copyright registration of the manuscript, corporation formation, and more.

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Trade Secrets
  • Identification of trade secrets, and proprietary and confidential information and materials;
  • Development of systems and procedures to maintain the trade secret status of your company’s identified trade secrets; and
  • Enforcement of trade secret rights through negotiation and litigation.
  • Trademark selection through searches and analysis of trademark availability and the risks of adopting certain trademarks;
  • Trademark acquisition through federal and state trademark registrations;
  • Integration of your trademark portfolio with branding strategies and marketing campaigns;
  • Preparation of trademark usage guides and programs;
  • Trademark licensing programs to maximize revenue, and protect trademark assets;
  • Implementation of trademark monitoring programs to identify infringing activities; and
  • Use of negotiation and litigation to stop improper use of trademarks by unauthorized third parties, including use of the courts, arbitration, and US Customs.